“The mirror”…

I looked at the face in the mirror, and for once I really took notice of the face staring back at me.

I stared intensely at that face. It hadn’t really changed all that much. Nothing like the face I have perceived in my mind over the years. Time has of course passed so ageing is inevitable, but the face I see staring back at me, is in fact still me.

It may be hard to understand as to what I have been feeling over the years as I thought it was so obvious in my face, when 11 years ago my body decided to turn it’s back on me after 38 years. It decided to attack itself, it began a war within itself – but the battle had only just begun.

I hated myself for having a body to just one day fail on me. A lot of ‘what the hell?” moments running through my mind. A body so tired and heavy all it wanted to do was to waste the days sleeping. And so I slept. I slept and I slept, and when I woke and caught sight of myself in the mirror, the face staring back at me was a face which looked as though it hadn’t slept in days.

An image which has stayed with me for too long…

Then one day I stopped. I stopped by the mirror and I looked at the face staring back at me. I stared into those eyes and I really took notice. The eyes staring back at me may be showing a little weariness, but eyes which are still vibrant, still full of life, still full of hope, love and happiness.

I stared at those wonderful laughter lines and I smiled to make them more profound – years of amazing belly laugh lines for everyone to see.

I stared at the little creases around my mouth, and again, I found myself smiling.

The day I stopped by the mirror showed me exactly what I’d been missing all these years.

How proud I am of the face staring back at me.

Namaste. x

6 thoughts on ““The mirror”…

  1. Hell Yeah! I love this. You are still you, still awesome & kickass, no matter what you deal with when it comes to your health and no matter how time may age us. You stick rock. I’m glad you really, truly looked at yourself in the mirror and realised you’re still YOU. It’s time to be proud of yourself every damn day, Toni  ♥ xx

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