Another year older, a day out, and MS…

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago – birthday’s do seem to creep up on you faster as you get older, but I do love a birthday! My birthday also happened to fall on the weekend of Tewkesbury Medieval Festival – Tewkesbury Medieval Festival is the largest, free festival in Europe!

Now the thing is, M and I decided to go to this festival at least a month before, so of course the dreaded MS paranoia started to kick in! I didn’t have to self-inject with Plegridy the night before so that was something, but we have had some hot weather in the UK recently, and I was trying not to think about fatigue getting to me, leg weakness etc and the thought of not being able to go to the festival.

And as it turned out, everything was fine! I woke up Saturday morning excited for the day ahead! More so for the festival, and not the fact that I have just completed 47 laps around the sun!

We left 10 mins earlier than planned, stopped for a coffee and a leg stretch on the way, and arrived at the festival 10 mins or so after opening. We parked up and went for a little wonder around the site looking at all the different stalls.

We walked and covered a small area, walked back towards the car park and sat on a bench watching some people doing some archery and we thought that was the site more or less done. Until M spotted some more fields. Yes, you’ve guessed it – the site was huge!

So away we went! It was absolutely amazing! So many different stalls selling everything and anything you could think of at a Medieval Festival! We watched some armour being made, food being cooked on an old medieval stove, people walking around dressed up which made me smile, and the atmosphere was lovely!

The weather did get warm, but there were plenty of shady areas to stop and sit down and to relax – we were in no rush and stopped when we wanted to. As M and I didn’t anticipate on the site being so big, I did regret not taking my walking stick with me, as towards the end of the day, and just as the re-enactment of The Battle of Tewkesbury was about to commence, my left leg was getting very painful. But I sat down when I could, and we didn’t miss the re-enactment. We decided we may go back next year as we are sure we didn’t cover all the stalls, even though it felt like we had, and my 100 year old walking stick will be coming along!

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
Tewkesbury Medieval Festival
Armour being made

Green Man

M and I both really enjoyed our day out, and we said how much miss going out and just being. When you have a partner with a chronic illness, it is hard to make any sort of plans as a) you don’t want to cancel and let people down, b) you don’t want to cancel an event/day out you have been looking forward to and then feel guilty.

If plans do need to be cancelled as the person with the chronic illness isn’t feeling well, and the partner/carer may be so tired they just need a recharge – days can often turn into weeks, and you can’t believe that you haven’t had a proper day out together in such a long time…

So, the day before the festival I paced myself – and that was it. I didn’t go out, I didn’t do too much around the house and I prepped what I was going to wear the day before so I didn’t rush myself in the morning. M packed the snacks and water, and I forgot the sun cream! I looked at it sitting on the bathroom counter, closed the bathroom window, looked at the sun cream bottle again, and walked out the bathroom! MS brain fog, or just old age now?! haha

To top an amazing day out and birthday, I arrived home to two lovely bouquets of flowers. M had bought me a couple of bouquet of flowers the day before, so unfortunately we had no more vases – let operation makeshift vase commence! M made a couple of vases out of a used, clean, plastic milk bottle and an old drinks bottle! I wanted to keep them, but last week we went out and bought another, large vase!

Birthday flowers and makeshift vases. 🙂

It was such an awesome weekend, and we have plans made for this weekend also! Walking stick will be coming along, together with the sun cream! – I’ve even put a reminder in my phone so we dont forget anything!

I hope everyone has been OK, and trying to keep cool in the heatwave which has been hitting my fellow MSers in the USA and today here in the UK.

Wishing you all a lovely day today, and keep smiling. 🙂

Namaste. x