‘I’m still learning to fly’…

‘Well, some say life will beat you down

break your heart, steal your crown

So i’ve started out

for God knows where

I guess I’ll know

when I get there

And I’m learning to fly

But I ain’t got wings

Coming down

Is the hardest thing’…

‘Learning to Fly’ by Tom Petty, popped into my head when I was encountered with my first ‘you’re lucky’…

Right at the very beginning of my MS journey. The most frightening time of my life. The first person who found out I was off work for three months, enduring numerous tests for a MS diagnosis said to me, ‘you’re lucky’ it isn’t cancer or diabetes’.

Am I lucky?

A year before I experienced my first MS symptoms, I watched my adorable friend lose her 18 month battle to secondary cancer. I have lost dear family members to cancer. I have family members and friends in my life living with diabetes.

Of course those wouldn’t be the only insensitive remarks I would encounter during my MS journey. I was also told by a (ahem) friend, ‘you’re lucky you have M, as otherwise you would be in some sort of home or facility’.

I had no comeback for either of these remarks. I was at a loss for words.

But I feel I’m now learning to fly? How can I be lucky?

I believed, no I knew, I was so much stronger than their words. I have reached ten years of living with MS without their negativity in my life – something I wouldn’t have managed to achieve if they were still present.

I am grateful for those I cherish and love in my life who have stuck by me, and with me. I am grateful to have M. I am grateful to have such supportive family and friends. The MS/Chronically Ill Community. The social media influencers. The advocates. The bloggers. The lovers of life showing up and giving it their all, despite their daily struggles.

I am still learning to fly!

I am still learning, still trying to figure it all out. Every day is different. I have learnt over the years my limitations, knowing when to stop, to recharge, but some days it is easier said then done.

But I keep trying, as the day will come when I will fly again. Flying high with the most strongest of wings I could ever imagine!.

So I thank you.

I am very lucky indeed.

Namaste. x