Remember the highlights…

It’s hard some days isn’t it. When you are in pain, struggling with fatigue etc, just trying to make it through. Then a week will pass, and you remember that crap day/week you had last week. A few good days will come along in the meantime, but for most of the time, the good days are overshadowed by the not so good days.

But when those good days appear, remember them. It’s all too easy to forget them and they should be remembered. I was thinking the other day to this time last year. I was going through something extremely emotional and painful, (which is all over and done with now), but it had slightly clouded the remaining of 2018 with a dark heavy cloud.

The second week of January 2018. I received the results from my latest MRI from a week before. There was no evidence of any new lesions and or new activity!. My last MRI to this one was two years previous, and there has been no change and no new lesions! I, at the time, (and still am), was over the bloody moon! I could not stop crying. I wanted to shout it to the world – I was ecstatic!

There were more highlights in 2018. My adorable niece became a big sister to a new baby brother. I made contact with long lost relatives in Australia, I was feeling good MS wise. Even though I had one small relapse, it wasn’t as bad compared to other relapses. My fatigue has been manageable, and I have actually been feeling good. All these little things, I hadn’t forgotten, but they were being overshadowed, slightly.

And today I remind myself of the highlights once more. I remind myself of what I have been through, and how I have made it to the other end – still smiling, still laughing, still being me, and still being grateful.

Remember your good days. Remember the highlights. Remember how far you have come despite everything you have been through. Remind yourself how you too are still here, smiling, laughing, and sharing your remarkable journey.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Keep smiling. 🙂

Namaste. x